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I could never imagine endorsing a candidate challenging one of my fellow Judges on the San Diego Superior Court and I doubt I would ever do it again. The reason is that my colleagues with one exception are excellent judges. The reasons I am endorsing Victor Torres are twofold. First, Judge Kreep's behavior on the bench that almost led to his removal by the California Judicial Performance committee was unacceptable and an embarrassment to our fabulous bench. I do not believe he should be re-elected as a result. Secondly, I have chosen to endorse Victor Torres because he is a highly qualified attorney who is highly ethical and a gentleman. I would be proud to have him on our bench as colleague. Victor Torres was rated the highest rating by the San Diego County Bar Association Judicial ratings after a comprehensive vetting. Victor Torres was rated exceptionally qualified whereas Judge Kreep was given the lowest rating lacking qualifications. No other candidate for this position received a rating as high as Victor Torres. He is clearly the right choice. I strongly urge everyone to vote for Victor Torres for the San Diego Superior Court Office #37. The Honorable Michael J. Popkins

Mr. Torres has represented clients in my courtroom more times than I can count over the past 15 years. I know him to be a dedicated and hard working advocate on behalf of his clients. Always prepared, he consistently brings a fair minded, balanced approach to the courtroom. He will well serve the people of San Diego County as a Superior Court Judge.
The Honorable Charles Ervin (Ret.)

I have known Victor my entire professional life as well as his beautiful family. He has integrity, honor & tremendous heart. As a Judge, Victor will follow the law, even if he personally disagrees with the result. He will respect all those who appear before him, regardless of color, creed, or economic status. Victor Torres 2018! Debra DiIorio, Esq.

I, Chris Wiggins, Chair of California's Democratic Freedom Caucus humbly endorse Victor Torres for Superior Court Judge. Chris Wiggins

Bright, reasonable, great demeanor for the bench, fair and understands the meaning of accountability. Richard Boesen, Esq.

As a retired Army combat 1SGT and retired educator, this conservative Republican wholeheartedly believes Victor is a person of deep integrity and kindness. I have seen myself his honesty in action and his hard work approach for his clients. I admire his work ethic, love of the law and of our country. No doubt, he will do what is right and just, whether it's popular or not, and will bring confidence in our justice system by following precedent and the Constitution. A person we can trust. Fernando Magallanes

I have known Victor for 19 years. He is committed to public service. He will be an outstanding Superior Court Judge. Blake Harper, Esq.

It's been my pleasure to know Victor Torres for more than six years now and during that time I have gotten to know his amazing wife Luisa and his beautiful family. I have seen him work with young people dedicating his time volunteering for mock trial. As a fellow attorney, I can speak to his dedication, professionalism and integrity. I am confident he will bring all these qualities and fairness to the bench. I fully endorse Victor Torres for Superior Court Judge. Edward Orendain

I worked with Victor numerous times over the years as co-counsel in a number of cases. In one particular jury trial case, Victor demonstrated an intense devotion to his client and to the trial process itself. He was constantly focused and identified legal issues relevant to our case in an outstanding and professional manner. On one occasion, Victor actually telephoned me after 11pm to discuss our case. I know that the devotion and dedication to his client in that case will be a hallmark of his role as a Judge. I highly recommend Victor, not merely because of his professional work, but also because of his unwavering devotion to causes of major interest to our community and his concerns for the citizens of San Diego. Steven Feldman

I’ve known Victor Torres for many years. I have always been impressed with his commitment to the profession, to his family, and to the countless under-represented people who otherwise would not have a voice. He will be a great credit to the bench and the entire San Diego community. Bill Slomanson, Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor of Law, Thomas Jefferson School of Law  

I have known Victor Torres for almost 30 years and know that he is what San Diego County needs on the bench. He is smart, committed and has a legal background (that of a public defender) which will add perspective and diversity to the bench in San Diego County. He is a native of San Diego and understands the particular problems we face. Martha Hall

For his independent thinking and integrity, and for his well thought-out posittions on language access and linguistic minorities in CA, Victor Torres has my vote. Silvia San Martin, Ph.D

In the past, I worked with Victor on the San Diego County Bar Board and know that he will be an excellent Judge, someone that all San Diegans can be proud of. Thomas Penfield, Esq.

Victor Torres for Superior Court Judge 2018
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